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Our wide set of services include: Tree Felling, Emergency Tree Removal, Stump Removal, Pollarding, Coppicing and a wide range of landscaping services such as fencing and driveways.

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We offer our wide range tree and landscaping services throughout the North Cheshire including Knutsford, Mobberley, High Legh, Statham, Grapenhall, Lymm, Altrincham, Sale and surrounding areas.


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Tree Felling & Removal

Trees need felling or complete removal for a variety of reasons .Trees can become old or rotten,totally overgrown, a hazard or risk if they fall to property and people .Whatever the reason the job should be undertaken by professionals. Here at Martin Doyle tree services we have qualified experienced arborists with all the correct equipment to do the job safely. With years served in the tree services industry taking on jobs from pruning in Mobberley,tree stump removal in High Legh,and complete tree removal in Lymm we have dealt with hundreds of jobs throughout Cheshire and beyond.

We take great care and have safety in mind at all times not only for our customers but also our staff. Providing customers with the correct information and the process we undertake enables us to keep them and ourselves out of harms reach.

Emergency Tree Removal

Trees may fall down or break up for several reasons from high winds,bad weather and even road collisions. We all love the trees around our properties as they provide us with great decoration,shade and a little wind cover but sometimes they can become a problem.

Old trees,trees that have not been maintained properly and trees that have become to big for their original purpose. These can cause us several problems if they come down or their roots have began to disturb brick work etc.

We provide emergency tree removal, tree pruning, branch removal or even total removal of tree and stump. We will take the appropriate time and fully inspect the situation to ensure a safe removal of the affected area. This will then enable us to discuss with you the appropriate action so as you are aware of what we are going to do and everyone is kept safe. On completion our expert team of tree specialist will insure the remaining tree is safe and the area is clean.

Our Arborists are experts in all kinds of tree work. Tree lopping, Tree pruning,Tree crowning,Tree trimming,Tree consultancy,Tree health,Tree stump removal and will be happy talk with you and offer any advice you may require.

Complete Tree Stump Removal

Tree stump removal is one of the most difficult tasks facing the hands-on gardener and is definitely a job reserved for folks who don’t mind hard exercise i.e us here at Martin Doyle tree services- especially when dealing with established stumps. There are several ways to remove a tree stump and some methods are more suitable than others depending on the size, position, species and age of the stump.

We use 3 main methods

  • 1. Digging it out
  • 2. Splitting the stump then digging it out
  • 3.Using a stump grinder

For larger stumps in awkward positions such as close to walls, paths and foundations, a stump grinder is the best option. A stump grinder uses a spinning blade fitted with carbide tipped teeth that scrape away at the stump. Bear in mind that a stump grinder can only work to a limited depth, normally up to 10-12 inches. Stump grinders are notorious for sending stones and debris flying all over the place at high speed so we recommend you keep pets indoors.

Crown Reduction

As expert tree surgeons we use this method when a tree has grown too large for the area it was intended. Crown reduction is a reduction in the total size of the tree from height width and thickness of foliage . This service is used for a variety of reasons from wind reduction or to let more light through. It is a combination of crown thinning,crown lifting and crown re shaping.

Hedge Pruning & Cutting

Hedge pruning and cutting can be done all year round with some species requiring up to 3 times a year . We have all the right equipment from the right ladders and scaffold to the correct cutting devices. When required we are also able to completely dismantle the hedge but please be aware that some hedges and pivots can have similar laws to them as trees . If a complete removal is required please make sure no laws are broken.

What is Pollarding?

Pollarding is a method of pruning that keeps trees and shrubs smaller than they would naturally grow. It is normally started once a tree or shrub reaches a certain height, and annual pollarding will restrict the plant to that height.


Ok we don’t all have vast tracks of land and forest but coppicing can be useful for those with a large garden and lots of trees .The common belief that chopping down trees is totally bad for the environment is not strictly true.

Not at all,in fact, Prof. Julian Evans comments in his book, Silviculture of broad leaved woodland:

“One point concerning the gradual decline in woodland area over the centuries is the mistaken but widely held belief that disappearance of woodland in more recent times can largely be attributed to the demands for charcoal and fuel wood … It is now increasingly evident that far from exhausting local supplies of wood for these uses, the presence of such industries helped sustain and not deplete woodland..’ page 3/4

It also benefits those of us who use wood for our stoves and fires which are becoming more and more popular.

Reading the following also gives us some encouragement - http://www.forestry.gov.uk/

Working woodlands as coppice provides local sustainable timber, local jobs, increased biodiversity as well as work in traditional crafts. Sadly though in recent times the use of plastics and mass production techniques have meant that many coppiced woodlands have become un-viable, there has been no market for their products and hence the cycle has stopped, the wood becomes ‘derelict’ and overgrown, with a permanent high canopy.

Vegetation management

Here at Martin Doyle’s we able to offer several forms of vegetation management. Whether it be a severely overgrown garden that needs total removal or a more selected vegetation management approach leaving behind those choice varieties of plants and trees.

Landscape Gardener


Here at Martin Doyles we are able to offer all kinds of hard landscaping including driveways using all types of materials.

We are able to show you a wide range of materials from natural stone,cobbles to block paving in a variety of sizes and colours to suit your needs . We work with some fantastic suppliers who have a vast catalogue of materials . Take a look here to give you some ideas


First we remove the hedge row and ground down the stumps to enable us to get the right line to proceed with the Fencing. We then erected the fence and finished with a quick tidy up.


We are able to use a variety of stone flags and decking for all types of patios . We will work with you to ensure the design and materials used are all suitable. Call now on 01925 756 231 to get a free quote.

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